Friday, September 2, 2011

Pizza and Friday

Pizza and Friday's!
They just go together don't they?
It's been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember to eat Pizza on Friday!
I can't imagine Friday.......without Pizza!!
Here's the problem.  It used to be Pizza Hut Pizza all the way.  Then Domino's came to town and I had to decide between two Pizza stores.  Well, then hello! Here comes Little Ceasar's!  Now three choices!! But, wait!  We aren't done yet! Papa Murphy's is soooo in the running!  Quentin used to work there, and so we got them way cheap and they are way good!  The 'cheap' thing won out for a while.  Now he doesn't work there anymore so I'm back to 4 choices!
What is a girl to do?
And guess what!! I went to order pizza for tonight and a friend reminded me that I had not yet tried the new pizza in town.......Pizza Plus!!  Now, do I try it and maybe don't like it? Or do I stick with the comfortable favorites....but, oh yeah!  I still have to choose!!!
Maybe we'll eat tacos tonight...........

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